International Opportunities

Student Learning Mobility 

With the Erasmus Student Learning Mobility, the students enrolled in our university have the chance to study for 1 or 2 semesters (for 3-12 months) in an academic year at another higher education institution in Europe and receive financial aid within the program during their stay.

Erasmus learning mobility can be undertaken within the scope of Bilateral Agreement. Our University announces the call for applications for our students in order to designate the number of outgoing students within the existing agreements. The mobility can only be undertaken between two higher education institutions that hold an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) and a bilateral agreement. In order to benefit from the student mobility, students must apply to the International Students Office of our university and participate in the selection process. Each institution designates its own dates for application and selection.
Throughout their higher education period, students can benefit from the Erasmus learning mobility with a grant for one time. It is possible for students to benefit from the program again, but without receiving any grant. 

The benefits of Erasmus Student Learning Mobility are:‚Äč

  • Studying in a foreign environment
  • Studying in a multicultural setting
  • Getting to know new cultures
  • Introducing one’s own culture
  • Meeting new friends
  • Building a network for post-graduation
  • Being a student in a different university
  • Experiencing a different education system

Please note that The Erasmus program is Not:

  • A “language learning” program
  • A “full scholarship” program
  • A “diploma” program

Erasmus Traineeship Mobility for Students

It is the process of receiving professional training and / or acquiring work experience in a business or organization abroad for students enrolled in higher education institutions. A student will get practical work experience in a European country in the field studied through Erasmus Internship student mobility.
A student can participate in this program for 3-12 months in undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral degrees.
Financial support is given to students during their stay abroad for internships. 

Which Organizations can be a Host for the Internship?

The host institution / organization can be business organizations, education centers, research institutions or any public or private institution / organization operating in the fields of labor market or education and youth. This kind of an organization/institution can be small, medium or large-scale, public or private bodies or institutions / organizations including social enterprises regardless of their legal status or the economic sector where they operate.

However, the following cannot be a host for the Internship under the scope of such activities:

• Diplomatic representatives

• European Union Institutions and EU agents carrying out EU programs 

Students can benefit from the Erasmus Internship Mobility Program through Higher Education Institutions or consortia (Consortia is a group established to make it easier to sign students up for higher institutions, associations, foundations and chambers of trade or any other similar institutions.)

Students who want to serve for internship under the scope of the Erasmus program must apply to the International Students Office of our university.
A student can participate in Erasmus Traineeship Mobility for maximum 12 full months throughout their education life. Then, if the students desire, it is possible to benefit from Erasmus programs by becoming an "Erasmus student without any grant" (“0" granted).